Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Happy Day to Ewe!

It seems like I rarely take the time to CASE the Featured Stamper on SCS but I just couldn't' resist doing so this week. Victoria (Hawaiian) is this week's Featured Stamper. I've gotten to know her through VSN and other events on SCS and have found her to be so encouraging and friendly.... and creative, too!

I looked through her gallery extensively and found so many cards that that were inspiring.  I truthfully had a difficult time deciding which one to choose. I finally made a decision... a fun one! You can see Victoria's card that inspired me HERE.

I used to love to do Punch Art but hadn't done any in a very long time. Thanks to Victoria I can say I've punched and punched.

I hope Victoria will like my card!

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Supplies Used

Stamp Set: Kraftin' Kimmie Down on the Farm stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink

Papers: Recollections Black and White and SU Cherry Cobbler CS and other papers from my scrap file

Punches: All are Stampin' UP!

Embellishments: Paper Studio Brad and Flower from an unknown vendor

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Personal Challenge 2018 - Week 50

Let me begin today's blog post by saying that I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed my personal 50-week challenge of 2018. It has been an awesome experience for me. I already have a plan for a new personal 50-week challenge in 2019, that I hope will be just as enjoyable... so be sure to check back in January to see what that's all about. 

This is the 50th (and final) week of my personal 50-week States of the Union Challenge. Each week I research one of the 50 United States (in the order they attained statehood). I share tidbits of information about the state here on my blog and I create a card that is inspired by something about that state.

This week's state (the 50th one to attain statehood) is...

Date of Statehood: August 21, 1959

It might interest you to know that this is the only one of the 50 states that i have not been to yet. If all goes as expected, I'll be heading to Hawaii in October of 2019.

More than 2,000 miles away from any other place, Hawaii is the most isolated island chain on Earth, so it’s no wonder our unique flora, fauna, and frankly, grocery prices, tend to amaze people.

Hawaii is 2,390 miles from California; 3,850 miles from Japan; 4,900 miles from China; and 5,280 miles from the Philippines.

When people think of Hawaii, their minds automatically go to Waikiki (“Is that the capital?” people sometimes painfully ask), or maybe Maui. In Hawaii, there are eight major islands: Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island (also known as Big Island), Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. (Locals jokingly call their favorite vacation destination of Las Vegas the “ninth island”). In total, Hawaii is comprised of 137 islands including the major eight, islets, atolls, and reefs.

From east to west Hawaii is the widest state in the United States.

Hawaii has no smog, not much fog, but we do have vog. Vog is the volcanic haze from the Kilauea volcano that has been actively erupting since 1983 on the Big Island (aka Island of Hawaii). The vog occasionally blows to other islands. It is not dangerous, although heavy vog can be uncomfortable for people with asthma or respiratory issues. On Maui, voggy skies make for beautiful sunsets and moonrises, magnifying the sun and moon and making them look huge and orange.

Surfing was invented in Hawaii.

It’s a tradition in Hawaii to share nature’s bounty. When someone has a backyard tree that produces “too much” fruit, they take a box to work, drop some off for neighbors, or give it away to others who will enjoy it. No waste. 

One of the FRIENDLY facts about Hawaii: They hug! They hug hello. They hug goodbye. They hug “I love you” and “I’m sorry” and “Nice to meet you” and “Thank you.” They just love to hug! So don’t be shocked if a local gives you a hug instead of a handshake.

Key West claims the southernmost part of the continental US, but South Point on Hawaii Island, with its green sand beach and giant cliffs spilling into the Pacific, is the southernmost point of the entire United States.

Hawaii's landmass is not finite: Hawaii continues to grow. The Hawaiian Islands are formed due to being situated atop a geothermal “hot spot” deep under the ocean’s surface. Hawaii Island is home to Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano, which is continuously erupting. The lava that spurts up hits sea level and creates new landmass, meaning there is more Hawaii being made every day.

Much to the joy of residents and tourists alike, all beaches (with the exception of a few government-use beaches) are public access in Hawaii. Residents or businesses who attempt to obstruct public access to beaches can face hefty fines.

Niihau, Hawaii’s seventh largest inhabited island, is home to only 130 residents with no automobiles and no paved roads.

Hawaii is the only U.S. state with two official languages. English and Hawaiian. For non-native speakers and tourists, Hawaiian names can be a challenge. The reason why might be because the Hawaiian alphabet only contains 12 letters (plus an ʿokina and kahakō, which are symbols that change the sound of a word). Because so few consonants make up the Hawaiian language, words like Humuhumunukunukuapuaʿa (Hawaii’s state fish) can be challenging to pronounce, but with some practice, words become easy and fun to say.

Hawaii has its own time zone known as Hawaiian Standard Time.Hawaii has no daylight savings time. The time runs two hours behind Pacific Standard Time and five hours behind Eastern Standard Time.

Honolulu is the United State’s 11th largest metropolitan area.

Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the U.S. At 82.4 years, it is 3.7 years higher than the national average.

Each ethnicity making up Hawaii’s population is a minority, as Hawaii is a giant melting pot of different cultures.

The highest recorded temperature is 96′ F (at Honolulu Airport), but temperatures over 92′ F generally occur only once or twice a year. The lowest temperature is 56′ F. Temperatures under 60′ F may occur, but rarely more than once a year.

You can mail a coconut from Hawaii. And I really do mean JUST the coconut. Not wrapped. Not boxed. Just a big ol’ coconut with an address on it. 

Most of the world’s macadamia nuts are grown on Hawaii’s Big Island.

More than one-third of the world’s commercial supply of pineapples comes from Hawaii.

Hawaii has worked hard to keep snakes out of the state in order to protect native birds and other species. Those found smuggling snakes into the state can face three years in jail and fines upwards of $200,000.

The first of four states to ban billboards (ahead of Alaska, Maine, and Vermont), Hawaii enjoys wide open spaces free from billboards so that our residents can enjoy distraction-free, scenic driving.

Hawaii doesn’t have casinos, nor does it allow for gambling onboard a ship, or anyplace gambling activities can take place. Hawaii doesn’t have the lottery either.

Kauai has a "Coconut Tree Ordinance" that prohibits buildings taller than four stories (roughly the height of a mature coconut palm). The two exceptions are the Kauai Marriott that was built before the ordinance and the 11-story St. Regis Princeville Resort which is built down the side of a cliff.

Hawaii is rabies-free and there are extremely strict quarantine laws to keep it that way. As a result, it is not easy to bring your pet dog or cat to Hawaii for a brief stay. It requires either months of preparation and certifications, or months of quarantine here once they arrive.

Hawaii residents can be fined for not owning a boat. As a resident of Hawaii, a boat certainly seems like a good investment. An investment so important, apparently, that someone somewhere decided to make it a requirement.

It is illegal to have more than one alcoholic drink in front of you at once.

In Hawaii it is against the law to put coins in your ears.

No person may keep more than 15 cats and dogs in a home.

You could go to jail if you’re in possession of a shark fin.

In Hawaii, you might be fined for riding in the back seat of a vehicle with no seat belt, however, if all seats are already occupied, you can ride in the bed of a pickup truck – with no safety equipment – without being punished.

By law, twins are not permitted to work for the same company in Hawaii.

I decided to go with this bit of Hawaii information for my card's inspiration... The only coffee you can drink that is grown in the United States is from Hawaii. Hawaii Island grows a majority of coffee, with the Kona district growing the bulk of it. Coffee does well in Hawaii’s warm, tropical climate, high elevations, and rich soil. Kona coffee has earned a reputation of being exceptionally aromatic and tasty, making it one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

This series is now complete. I'll start my new 50-Day Challenge the first week of January.

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Stamp Set: Stamp Anniething Gracie How You Bean stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and colored with Copic Markers

Papers: Recollections Black and 110# White and SU Confetti Tan CS and DP from my scrap file

Embellishments: Paper Studio Brads (and there's Washi Tape from an unknown vendor on the inside of the card)

Monday, December 10, 2018

Snowman Looking for a Snow Day

I participated in the Daily Marker 30-Day Coloring Challenge in November. Each day I colored a different Whipper Snapper image, but I did nothing other than coloring them. Therefore I created a nice little stash of colored images for future card-making. The snowman on today's card is one of those images (Day #4).

Whipper Snapper 
Old Fashioned Snowman

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Stamp: Whipper Snapper Old Fashioned Snowman stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and colored with Copic Markers

Papers: Recollections Black and 110# White and SU Bordering Blue CS and DP from the Paper Studio Seasons 3 Paper Pad

Embellishments: Michael's Rhinestones, SU Ribbon, and a Snowflake Brad from an unknown vendor

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Decorating the Tree for Christmas

NOTE: I have two blog posts today. The one following this one is my Three Musketeer post, or you can go directly to it HERE.

Something you might not know about me: I like to think outside the box. I like to try new things. I like to surprise people. It's all part of my creative nature.

So, when I saw the gorgeous Raisin Boat Merry Nature stamp set my mind started thinking of other ways to use it.

What do you see in this picture? I see two gorgeous trees, an evergreen and a birch. I see a couple of quotes and some sentiments. And... Yes, wait for it.

I see some branches. If you put that evergreen tree on its side, why not? Then it's the perfect place to hang the gorgeous Victorine Original Snowflake Ornament. Am I right?

I will admit that I tried stamped the Merry Christmas directly onto the Gingham DP. A word to the wise. That did not work. So what's a girl to do? Throw the card - the nearly finished card (gasp!) - in the trash. Definitely not. I simply stamped the sentiment onto a white piece of CS and sponged Antique Linen ink around the edges to match the sponging on the image piece and then I adhered it right on top of the Merry Christmas that didn't look very good on the DP. 

I added a rhinestone to the center of the ornament and wanted to add some balance to the card, so I also added a few of the rhinestones in the lower left corner as well.

You might also notice that there is just a partial bit of black showing below the red striped DP. That is not a mistake; that was intentional. Just another little creative tweak to this particular card.

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Stamps: Raisin Boat Merry Nature stamped with Memento Cottage Ivy and Tuxedo Black Ink and Victorine Original Snowflake Ornament stamped with Memento Lady Bug Ink (Ranger Antique Linen Distress Ink was used for distressing purposes)

Papers: Recollections Black and 110# White and SU Real Red CS and DP from the Paper Studio Cozy Little Christmas Paper Pad

Embellishments: Michael's Rhinestones

Decorating the Musketeer Tree

I love Christmas... and I think my partners Barb and Kelly do, too, so since it was my month to choose the image that the Three Musketeers would use, I chose Christmas. This darling image is from the CC Designs It's a Roberto's Christmas stamp set. (Oh, the sentiment is, too.)

He's a darling little guy, isn't he?

If you're not sure who the Three Musketeers are, take a look...

That's Barb in the middle and Kelly on the right. I'm the one on the left. On the 9th of each month we share a card that we've each made using the very same image. It's always fun to see the differences (and similarities, too) in our cards.

Here's my card:

Let's head over to Barb's blog and Kelly's blog to see what they made, too.

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Supplies Used

Stamp Set: CC Designs It's a Roberto's Christmas stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and colored with Copic Markers

Papers: Recollections Black and 110# White and SU Real Red CS and DP from the Paper Studio I Believe in Santa Paper Pad

Embellishments: Brads from unknown vendors

Saturday, December 8, 2018

You're Udder-ly Wonderful

I often times need a Thank You (You're Appreciated) kind of card to send quickly so I try to keep a few of them on hand. Today's card is one such card. 

Thanks for Being 
Udder-ly Wonderful

The little cows on the card are brads from Eyelet Outlet. How fun is that!?!?! The sentiment is from the Technique Tuesday Gertie and Garth Goat stamp set.

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Supplies Used

Eyelet Outlet Products: Cow Brads

Stamp Set: Technique Tuesday Gertie and Garth Goat stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink

Papers: Recollections Black, Kraft, and 110# White CS and DP from my scrap file

Die: CC Designs Holiday Tag 

Embellishment: Ribbon from an unknown vendor

Friday, December 7, 2018

Conquering My Fears

It's the 7th of December which means it is time for me to post my card for the Crafters of Faith group's monthly challenge. This SCS group is comprised of women who love the Lord and also love crafting. Each month one of us chooses a Scripture verse and shares a corresponding theme. We all create something and share it on the 7th of the month. It can be any form of crafting. I usually do either a Bible Journaling entry or a card. This month I chose to make a card.

I also am the hostess this month, so I chose the theme. This is the I challenge theme I chose...

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people." (Luke 2:8-10)


Let's focus on a part of these verses that do not directly relate to the Christmas story, even though we are posting in the month of December. The challenge is to focus on the words: “Do not be afraid.” You can use an image of something that you have a fear of (for instance, for me it might be snakes), you can try a technique/fold/etc that you’ve been afraid to try before because it looks too intimidating, or you can take some other approach as long as it has something to do with fear or the lack of fear.

After I chose the theme, I tried to think of what direction I would go. Hmmmm... I guess I could have should have thought of that before I posted my theme, but I didn't. But it's all good. I figured this out.

I am afraid - should I say terrified? - of heights. Seriously, I am. So the image I chose is not somewhere you would find me. Nope, I'm not going to the edge of a cliff unless there is a VERY sturdy guard rail to hold onto, and even then it's a bit doubtful.

But notice the sentiment on my card: You can change the world, girl! To me that's all about conquering my fear - with God's help, of course. I want to be a world changer. That's why I conquer my fear of heights and get on airplanes. Yep, I don't like to fly - surprise! Does anyone who is afraid of heights like to fly?? But I get on planes and go up, up up (way. up. in. the. sky.) so I can fly to far-off places on mission trips, changing my world. And changing myself, too, in the process.

I hope the other Crafters of Faith like my theme (and my card). I can't wait to see what they made, too.

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Stamp Set: Unity Beauty in Everything stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black Ink and colored with Copic Markers

Papers: Recollections Black and 110# White and SU Hello Honey CS and Paper Studio Big Stripe Black/White DP

Distress Ink (for sponging around edge of image): Ranger Antique Linen 

Embellishments: Tiny Brads from an unknown vendor

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Wise Words from Kris Kringle

It's no surprise to people who know me - I love Christmas!


Well, I love the twinkling lights, the memorable Christmas ornaments, the nativity sets I've collected over the years (some from foreign countries either I or loved ones have visited) and so much more.

I love the way our Santa accepts Brock and welcomes him every year at the mall where my husband takes him for their annual Christmas shopping trip.

I love Christmas music.

I love - LOVE - the reason we celebrate Christmas.

I love the way people show love to others during Christmas, too.

I wish we could capture this for more than just a day/season. 

In the words of Kris Kringle...

Christmas isn't just a day. 
It's a state of mind.

I used the stamp set Maybe Christmas from The Project Bin. It's a great set!

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Stamp Set: The Project Bin Maybe Christmas stamped with Memento Cottage Ivy Ink

Papers: Recollections Black and 110# White and SU Cucumber Crush CS and Paper Studio Big Stripe Black/White and Lime Green Gingham DP plus other DP from my scrap file

Die: My Favorite Things Mini Scallop Rectangle

Embellishments: Eyelet Outlet Holly Brad and Red Brads from an unknown vendor

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Grace and Gratitude Week 5

I'm continuing to use my Grace & Gratitude Devotional Journal daily. I've enjoyed the process and also the group on Facebook. If you've missed my previous four weeks and would like to see them, you can find them by going to these links: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

Day 29

Illustrated Faith Stamps - Names of God
Unity Stamps - One Sip at a Time

Day 30

Ink on 3 Stamps - Dogwood Flowers
Stampin' UP! Stamps - Touches of Texture 

Day 31

Unity Stamps - from Grab Bag

Day 32

Illustrated Faith Stamps - Seeds of Faith
My Favorite Things Stamps - You're So Tweet

Day 33

Sweet 'N Sassy Stamps - Seek Him Still
Unity Stamps - Wintertime Friends

Day 34

Claudia and Co Stamps - Girl with Kite
Two Paper Divas Stamps - End of Your Rope

Day 35

Stampabilities Stamp - Matthew 11:28
Unity Stamps - Faith of a Child

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