Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been tagged

Okay, it looks like three of my friends have tagged me. Now let me figure this out... does that mean I'm to find the 6th picture in my computer and write about it? I think that's what I understand from Karen's blog. If so, here goes...
This is a picture of my daughter (isn't she pretty???) sitting in the antique GMC pickup truck that my father restored. I think it's a 1949 model. That's my dad in the picture with her. The pickup was my great-grandfather's pickup (my mom's grandfather). My mom and dad acquired it some years ago. It was in horrible condition. My dad has taken it completely apart and restored every inch of it. The bed is made of the most gorgeous wood - from my uncle's trees. It really is incredible!

Now my Dad is in the process of restoring an old Corvair ragtop. After all, he has two daughters... so his reasoning is that he needs two vehicles to leave to them.

Now to my three friends... Did I do this right?


MiamiKel said...

Lovely beautiful daughter! Now we need to see YOU! What a COOL truck!! I'd sooo be driving that if I had the oppty! How absolutely WONDERFUL to see your dad in here, too - ahh. Big hugs to you and yours and yes, looks right to me! Keep up the bloggin', my friend!

Judy McMullen said...

Your daughter is a cutie. What a terrific picture and love seeing your dad in it too. BTW, my nephew just turned 23, is in his second year of law school at the U of Wash, is single but I think he may have a girlfriend.

Lorie said...

Your daughter is beautiful Jeanette, and I bet your dad is very proud of his truck. As he should be!! I just can't imagine completely refurbishing a vehicle like that. The skill and hard work that would be invloved is beyond comprehension for me. Great picture! Thanks for sharing!!

Su G said...

what an awesome photograph. I love having your father in the background, it is priceless. I love Corvairs so maybe he would like to adopt a 3rd daughter...I would love to see a picture of the refurbished truck. I think it is awesome he used wood from a family home.

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